Davenport, Florida    

  Resort Layout

Whereabouts in the Resort would you like to stay? It depends on what you are looking for. There are 598 townhouses to choose from. The following notes may help you decide.

The aerial photo of the resort at the bottom of this page is based on Google Maps. The resort consists of two rectangular areas, with the clubhouse at the bottom right. There are two entrances, both from Sand Mine Road at the bottom. For the purposes of this analysis, the resort is dvided into 9 areas.

  Area 1
  • There is only one house which is the shortest walking distance from the pool. It is not actually next to the pool, but is the one right next to the barrier.
  • Would you be happy with every vehicle entering or leaving the site stopping and starting outside your door?
  Area 2
  • These houses are next to the pool, but they are separated from it by a wall, so you still have to come out of the front door and walk round via the road like everyone else.
  • Being next to the pool, you are also next to the noise from it when you are not there. It is open until 11pm, 2am on Friday/Saturday. Movies are shown outside on Thursday evenings and there is a DJ.
  Area 3
  • These houses back on to the adjacent Bella Piazza Condominium development.
  • The large 3 storey buildings and its car park are not exactly the best view.
  Area 4
  • These houses back on to Sand Mine Road, so are not overlooked.
  • The road is aptly named as it leads to an operational sand mine (quarry). The mine itself is far enough away from Regal Palms to not be a nuisance, but the heavy trucks going to and from the sand mine pass along this road (go to Google Maps, zoom in and look closely at the aerial photo and you will see a couple).
  Area 5
  • A lot of the townhouses fall into this category: 180 houses i.e. 30% of the total. They are very densely packed together. The backs of the properties are only about 15 metres (yards) apart.
  • If you are part of a large group and the house at the back is also rented by your group, this could be a good thing. If not, you may have concerns over privacy.
  Area 6
  • These houses are similar to those in Area 5. You still have a view of other townhouses at the back, although they are further apart.

  Area 7 - Ian's Villa is in this area, which is in the centre of the resort
  • These townhouses back on to the small lake (retention pond) with a water feature which is illuminated at night.
  • Apart from the pleasant view, they are not overlooked by anything and so have much greater privacy.
  • Two of the BBQ areas are next to the lake as well.
  • As it is not immediately next to the pool and entrances, this is a much quieter area and is therefore an excellent compromise.
  • Half the townhouses in the resort are further from the pool than those in this area.
  • Google Maps says that the walking distance from Ian's Villa to the clubhouse barrier is only 0.3 mile, i.e. 6 minutes.

  Area 8
  • Moving slightly further away from the pool, these houses are next to the resort boundary, so the rear view is of the fence.
  • The houses in the west back on to the Island Club West resort next door.
  Area 9
  • This area, with 217 houses, is separated from the rest of the resort and is therefore the quietest.
  • The western half, marketed as the 'Villas at Regal Palms', was originally a timeshare, which went into liquidation, but the houses are now all privately owned like the rest of the resort. Their standard furnishing is different to that of the other houses.
  • The houses in the centre back on to two stormwater ponds, which unlike the retention pond in Area 7, are just dry holes in the ground except after a storm.
  • The houses round the edge are next to the boundary fence. The houses in the south back on to the Island Club West resort next door, whilst those in the west have a conservation area beyond the fence.
  • The furthest house from the pool, according to Google Maps is 0.7 mile, 15 minutes walk.
Aerial View of Regal Palms resort showing the different areas


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